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What do I do with all this stuff I have?


Everyone enjoys being surrounded by objects that bring pleasure to the eye, exemplify a personal taste, and remind us of moments in our lives. That is why you have probably accumulated numerous antiques and family heirlooms; and maybe you even bought some new items over the years that have gained value.

Our belongings give us great satisfaction until the time comes to downsize... to liquidate your stuff to move into a smaller home or senior residence. That process is sometimes overwhelming to seniors causing them to delay their moving decision, when they should proceed because of health and care needs.

The Downsizing Advisory Service can make that whole process easier for you! If you don't know where to start, we can help by referring you to serves that focus on seniors as their main priority. Places such as, Residences, Moving Companies, Real Estate Agents, Geriatric Care Managers, Home Health Care, Attorneys, Charitable Organization and even Haulers to take away the trash.

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Services we offer

Consultation Fee: $100.00

Remember: Downsizing Advisory Service never buys your valuables or antiques!
We are simply a liquidation service whose goal is to return as much money as possible back to our clients.