Success Stories


The Downsizing Advisory Service never buys your valuables or antiques! We are simply a liquidation service whose goal is to return as much money as possible back to our clients.

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Circa 1883 40 oz Tiffany Centerpiece Bowl sold at Toomey Auction in Chicago for $2,800.

Circa 1930 36.5 oz Loring Andrews sterling Pedestal tray sold at Toomey Auction for $2,800.

Circa 1820 331 oz William Burwash Candelabras sold at Toomey Auction for $6,000.

1868-1912 Meiji Period Japanese charger plate with gold and Silver inlay sold at Bonhams Auction, UK for 12,000 British pounds.

Small Julian Onderdonk painting (6 by 9 inches) sold for a Downsizing Advisory Service client at the Texas Art Auction at David Dike Fine Art for $18,000.

Edward John Bernard English epergne sold for a Downsizing Advisory client for $2,000.

Huge German coin silver pedestal bowl, 132 oz sold for a Downsizing Advisory Service client for $3,000.

Navajo Red coral necklace set. Sold at auction for a client for $2,100.

Van Cleef & Arpels 24 carats of diamonds pin sold for an estate by Downsizing Advisory Service for $50,000.

Lancaster County Pennsylvania chest dated 1784 sold for a Downsizing Advisory Service client at Freeman’s auction in Philadelphia for $11,000.

Celadon Jade gourd carving, only about 3 inches tall sold for a lady for $4,500. It paid for her move to a new residence!

Albert Jospeh Moore drawing titled “Lovers” sold for a Downsizing client for $10,000 at Bonham’s Auction in New York, , far exceeding the pre auction estimate of $3,000 to $5,000.

Pair of Chinese blue and White dragon bowls Quing dynastry, kangxi period sold Freeman's Auction Philadelphia for $3,000

Another example of how I get more for my senior clients. This is an 8 piece Hector Aguilar Aztec pattern silver flatware set owned by a senior lady. Mr. Aguilar was a famous Mexican silversmith. The handles are wooden, If you were to scrap this set you would only perhaps receive $800 to $1,000 for silver value. This is too valuable to be sold for scrap. It was sent it to Rago Auctions in New Jersey for their modern auction where it sold for $6,000 on an auction estimate of $3,500 to $5,500.

An example of how I get more for our clients. This unassuming ring was in a jewelry collection of an individual who had to go into an assisted living facility because of dementia issues. The power of attorney thought it was simply costume jewelry. It was a 1.59 carat natural sapphire with two .64 diamonds in a platinum setting. I had it appraised locally by a GIA appraiser to verify it was a natural sapphire and then contacted Fortuna Auction in Manhatten, NY. They sold it this past weekend for $3,500.

Signed Babe Ruth baseball sold for a Downsizing Advisory Service client for $4,477.77 at Leland's Auction in New York.

Gardner L Caskey prize Gold watch given to the top midshipmen graduate US Naval Academy 1938 sold for $1,495

Wayne Thiebaud slot machine painting sold at Bonhams in California for $30,000

Lot of Turkish Ottoman period medals sold in the UK at John Nicholson auction for $1,480 pounds

Technika camera and eqiupment sold for $1,100 at auction.

2.33 Emerald Cut Diamond sold for a client at Freeman's Auction in Philadelphia for $20,000.

Possible experimental Roseville art pottery lamp sold for $609 for a client at auction.

Art Nouveau lamp sold on auction for $511.

Hasselblad 500C camera and equipment sold for $1,200 at auction.

Miniature Guilloche silver and enamel windup travel clock sold for $792 for a client on auction.

1873 B W Raymond Pennsylvania Railroad coin silver pocket watch 262191 18S 15J sold for $1,952.99 for a client on ebay.

Pair of Chinese 18th century bowls. Sold at auction for our client for $1,500.

This Clementine Hunter Painting sold for a Downsizing Advisory service client for $4,100 at a folk art auction.

This Lalique opalescent vase sold for a client at auction for $23,000.

This Tiffany Diamond & Platinum pin sold at auction for a client for $7,500.

Egyptian alabaster Shabti: 1550 - 1327 BC sold for a Downsizing Advisory Service client in London for $4,500.

Egyptian bronze cat 664-30BC, 3 and 1/2 inch Sold in London for a Downsizng Advisory Service client for $5,150.

Pair of Cameroon bronze royal chairs. Sold for $800 each for an estate at auction. This was part of an African collector’s estate for which we liquidated over $196.000 in bronze and wooden tribal pieces.

Kathrine Baumann Swarovski encrusted royal castle minaudieres purse sold for $1,826 over eBay for a Downsizing Advisory Service client.

Sold on eBay, a German turn of the century Mettlach stein titled the Courting of Siegfried, for $688 for a Downsizing Advisory Service client.

Part of a huge African art collection of African bronzes and wood carvings that we have liquidated over 6 auctions. The piece in the front, a Bakota tribe reliquery sold for $600. The auction house we used was not a specialist in African art items. Downsizing Advisory Service had to locate experts, develop a marketing plan for the liquidation of these items an advertising campaign for this huge collection of thousands of African art pieces. The total liquidation amounted to $196.000.

1.71 carat diamond ring sold at auction for our client for $8,500.

This Ray Crooke painting sold for $2,400 at Davidson Auctions in Annadale Australia for a Downsizing Advisory Service client.

This rare Thomas L. Hunt painting sold for $35,000 for a client. She thought it was worth maybe $300 to $400.

Sold for a client at a major national auction company specializing in oriental items, a pair of jade bracelets for $5,750.

Platinum and Diamond bracelet we sold for a client at an auction in New York for $9,000.

Don't go selling off your sterling silver flatware pieces to scrap buyers for silver weight. It's the rare serving pieces that are worth all the money. Just sold this Gorham buttercup sterling pie knife for a client for $229.16 in auction.

Sold for a client at auction Spanish Ruiz Vernacci gilded wall art piece $5,250

This is a Tiffany & Co sterling hammered flask with a seahorse and on the back it is acid etched "WS Xmas 1893". It recently sold at auction for $4,000.

Sold a 1923 Gibson L 3 Guitar for a client from Sebring for $960. She thought the guitar case was empty!

Just sold this North Carolina Ben Owens pottery vase at Leland Little auction house located in North Carolina for one of my clients for $550. Selling in the right market assures your client maximizes the revenue from their belongings.

The condition was not so great but we did sell this Thomas Jefferson signed document for a client for $1,900 at an auction in Dallas TX.

A photo of the Pretty Boy Floyd shoelace that I have up for sale on May 21st at an auction in Dallas TX. Sold for $600!
Seabiscut Presentation Watch - inscribed:
To Georgie Wolf from C.S. Howard and Seabiscuit.
Historic Watch from the owner of Seabiscuit to the jockey. Sold for client at auction for $6,500
1926 World Series Champion St. Louis Cardinals signed team ball sold at auction for a client for $12,658
PAIR OF 19th C PATINATED FIGURAL BRONZE CHERUBS sold at auction for a client for $5,500

Rare 1911 era Mechanical Postcard (the arm moves) illustrated by Ellen Clapsaddle. Sold for $182.49

1850’s era whole plate Daguerreotype photograph family portrait. Sold for a Downsizing Advisory Service client for $2,125.

1960’s English Modernist Pottery vase Troika Cornwall pottery face vase by designer Marilyn Pascoe sold at auction for a client for $510.00

Rare English Poole Pottery incised pottery vase by designer Tony Morris sold for a client for $760.00

1909 L & N Railroad brass, weighted table lamp made by Pullman corporation sold for $455.00 for one of our clients.

This rare Lalique Houbigant La Belle Saison Perfume bottle and case sold for $3,383 for one of our clients.

This is a rare 1920-30’s micro-beaded purse which sold at auction for $1,702.00 for a Downsizing Advisory Service client.

Flight Barr & Barr Worcester soft paste dessert set: 14 hand painted pieces, horse in the center below a "Festina Lente" banner (make haste slowly). The set includes 6 plates, 9 3/4'' diameter; 6 soup bowls, 7 3/4'' diameter; an oblong serving plate, 12'' diameter; a square serving plate, 9 1/4'' Circa 1783-1840.
Sold for $2,800 at auction

These two Automobile Dealer Promotional cars sold for a phenomenal $1,564.99! In the 50’s and 60’s the auto manufacturers would supply their dealers with plastic scale models of each year’s new vehicles. The dealerships would give them to their salespeople or to the buyers of their cars. The 1964 Corvette on the left sold for $769.99, the white 1961 Corvette sold for $795.00 Downsizing Advisory Service is able to discover the unrealized potential of seemingly average items and get them sold in the right auction market to maximum the dollars for their client.

Downsizing Advisory Service sold this rare Raytheon T-100-5 plastic transistor radio at auction for one of our clients for a phenomenal $520.

Another Downsizing Advisory Service Success. Sold for a DAS client at Skinners, Inc., in Boston. Jose Formoso Reyes Nantucket purse or basket. Auction estimate was $1,000 to $1,500. Sold for a phenomenal $2,800. It is the unfamiliar items such as this that so many people just throw away without realizing that is worth a great deal of money.

Charles Camion painting sold at Christie's in New York for a Downsizing Advisory Service client for $28,000.

Cartier Rose Quartz travel clock with key and case. Circa 1929 Lovely little clock with Japanese corners, each corner accented with a pointed cabochon sapphire. Mother of pearl face, in good condition marked Cartier and France. It is even missing the handle. At auction it sold for $7,500.
Paul Evans "Crown of Thorns" cocktail table. Pointy black painted and gilt metal ''thorns'' support 1/2'' thick glass. Our downsizing client consigned this, never realizing it would sell for anywhere near the $4,750 it achieved at auction.

Abel George Warshawsky (American, 1883-1962): Painting Sold for $21,000 in May 2005 for a client’s estate. '' Garden Of Tuileries '', winter scene with figures, O/C, 26'' x 32.'' This was the second highest sale ever of a Warshawsky painting. And our client received over $14,000!

A dealer from a fancy antique mall offered a woman who was there to close out her father’s estate, $350 for this French cabinet. The Downsizing Advisory Service liquidated it at auction for a phenomenal $9,750.

Our client needed to downsize their belongings to move into a smaller home. They pointed out many interesting valuables throughout their house. When asked if they had anything on their porch, they said there was nothing of value on the porch. This Roseville Donatello pattern jardinière stand was sitting on the porch. At auction it sold for $650.

This pair of 23 jewel Illinois watches were sold for a client by The Downsizing Advisory Service. We placed them at an auction in June, where they sold for $1,200. After commissions and auction fees, our client received a check for $890.

Civil War era Union Officer’s presentation sword inscribed. Presented to Lieut.Volney V Smith by company 1st Mounted Rifles as a token of their esteem Aug. 27th, 1862. Sold at auction for $4,575 for a Downsizing Advisory Service client who did not even know this was a Civil War sword.

Sold for a Downsizing Advisory Service client Cranberry glass lamp and shade Sold for a Phenomenal $7,500

LALIQUE FRENCH CRYSTAL CHEVAUX SUAVAGES HORSES FIGURAL GROUP: Featuring a pair of horses rearing, signed Lalique France, B-477, with original label. 13 1/2'' h. x 10 3/4'' x 7'' Sold for $3,750.
Sold for a Downsizing Advisory Service client for $10,000. John Anthony Park, (British, 1880-1962): ''St Servan Near St Malo'', Oil/B, 13'' x 16'', signed, gilded gesso frame, 18'' x 21'', titled verso
Sold on Ebay® three antique fishing lures for a client. The top one a Creek Chub Gar Minnow Lure sold for $237.50. The lure on the bottom left, A Creek Chub Jigger Lure sold for $139 and the one on the bottom right, a Shakespeare Tantalizer Ca. 1932 sold for $77.50. Three lures sold for a total of $454.

This Gorham Sterling Repousse water pitcher ca. 1888, sold for $1,000. The owner was going to take it along with other sterling items down to the local flea market and sell them for $5 or $10 each.

One of 13 Korean War era U.S. propaganda leaflets and orders which were sold for a Downsizing Advisory Service client. The 13 leaflets sold individually at auction for a grand total of $469.

The Downsizing Advisory Service recently sold this Marblehead Pottery vase for the estate at an auction in New Jersey for $1,300.

This is an 1880 Rutherford B Hayes Presidential Oyster Plate, by Haviland Limoges. Our client allowed us to help them sell this beautiful plate at an auction. We sold it for $1,425.

These are two unique Victorian napkin holders. Downsizing Advisory Service sold them at an auction for our client. The cat napkin holder sold for $140 and the giraffe napkin holder sold for $820.

The metal stand perfume bottle and atomizer were stored away in a box that our client was going to give to a charity thrift store. He had bought them for his wife in the early 1930’s from a jewelry store and now that she had passed away he no longer had any use for them. They were unmarked, however we felt the best place to reach the true perfume collector was through Ebay. Turns out they were a very rare DeVilbiss chromed, black glass, atomizer and dauber perfume bottle set. They sold for a phenomenal $2,144.

These are beautiful Federal Style Inlaid Mahogany Side Chairs. An antique dealer had offered a client of ours $35 each, totaling to $210 for them all. But our client decided to try us first. When is was placed at auction by the Downsizing Advisory Service, they sold for $1,700.
Prussian Hussar WWI Death Head Totenkopf Helmet Plates that sold for $1,686

Prussian WWI Hussar Officer's helmet and parts that sold for $1,210

Jens Quistgaard designed Lovig Dansk teak desk that sold for $1,900

Chippendale carved mahogany side chair: Carved backsplat, garcons edging on the skirt, carved knees on the cabriole legs ending in ball and claw feet. Split seat covered in a petit and needlepoint tapestry. All peg construction. 39'' h. x 22 1/2 x 18''. $4,000

You never know what you will find. Guardian had a ward and needed to clean out home. This very ugly Guido Gambone Italian pottery vase looked like something you would give away to Goodwill. It still had an old Maas Brothers department store sticker with a price tag of $29.99. It sold to a buyer in Italy for $2,012.

Another great little find. 1880's Victorian trading card scrap book which we sold for our client for $547.77 in auction. They didn't think it was worth $100.

The rabbit netsuke pictured here did $2,250 at auction

Another great sale for a client. Sold! - Eugene Remy Maes Belgian painting of sheep and chickens in a barn for $5,500 at auction.

DAUM LAS MENINAS BY MANOLO VALDES STATUE Limited edition #44/125, etched artist signature, Daum France. Sold with a brass Editeur D'Art plaque. 19'' h. x 11 1/2'' x 8'' Sold for $12,500.

Sold this Japanese wooden abalone shell inlaid oil lamp for a client for $450 in California.

This Pro Hart painting sold for $1,900 at Davidson Auctions in Annadale Australia for a Downsizing Advisory Service client.

Just sold this Neoclassical style silver plated mirrored plateau for a cleint for $4,500 at a major auction house.

Client thought this watercolor by Paul de Longpre was a print. He was going to sell it in his estate moving sale. We sold it at a major auction house for the client for $8,000.

Victorian French Opalene Glass centerpiece bowl with brass floral and bird enhancements. Sold at auction for our client for $2,100.

This Russian silver Trompe L'Oeil cigar box set sold for a Downsizing Advisory service client for $22,000 at Bonhams in New York.

Wayne Thiebaud crown painting sold at Bonhams in California for $15,000

Rare NASA Apollo 8 Flight Plan sold on ebay for a client for $1,681! Client thought it might be worth $100.

Gold and Green Tourmaline stone bracelet sold to a local jewelry story buyer after obtaining 5 bids from area jewelers for $1,100.

Sold on ebay a 1940 Vernon Kilns Disney Fantasia Ostrich figurine for a Downsizing Advisory Service client for $1,225. Vernon Kilns and Disney produced a series of Fantasia figurines to promote the film. Most sell for less than $100, but the rare pieces like this sell for much more.

Large R C Gorman limited edition print of Indian women sold at auction for $2,000

Small Vu Cao Dam painting sold at a Maine auction for a Downsizing Advisory Service client for $4,000

A client's daughter thought this Bergmann cold painted bronze lamp was not valuable and was considering throwing it away. We sold it for $5,500.

Issue #1 Playboy sold for a Downsizing Advisory Client for $1,200.

1938 Rear Admiral Elmer Dacey Gardner L. Caskey gold watch award, awarded to the top graduating senior of the US Naval Academy sold for the estate for $1,425.

This French mantle clock sold for a Downsizing Advisory Service client for $1,600 at local auction.

Sold for a Downsizing client a 3.07 fancy yellow diamond ring for $17,000, Bonham's Auction

This is an 1851 Colt Navy Revolver, manufactured during the Civil War, and sold for a Downsizing client for $1,400 at local auction.

Attorney offered $5,063 for this 2.12 carat marquise cut diamond ring. We sold it at a northern auction house for $15,000

Egyptian mummified cat sold at Bonhams Auction in London for $7,500.

Westly Richards Cased pair of large bore percussion pistols (Dueling pistols). 70 cal. Manufactured in the 1970’s. Sold at Rock Island Auctions for $6,500.

Picasso print sold at Freeman’s Auction Philadelphia for $90,000.

1951 Brooklyn Dodgers World Series welcoming banner. Problem was Brooklyn lost the NL playoff to the NY Giants. Bobby Thompson's hit heard around the world. Sold at Lelands Sports auction for $7,368 for a Downsizing client.

Georg Jensen Sterling Blossom candlesticks model 2, set of four Denmark, 1925-1932 Sold for a client for $6,400.

LICHTENSTEIN, Roy, (American, 1923-1997): "Sunrise" offset Lithograph in Colors on wove paper, signed lower right, unknown edition size, sheet 18.5" x 24.25" with margins. Sold for client for $8,000.

1.47 carat diamond pendant. Client was offered $3,000 by a jewelry store, we sold it for $7,500 for the client.

Rolex Submariner watch sold at a northern auction house for $9,000.

Attorney was offered a little over $2,000 for this Sapphire ring. We sold it at a northern auction house for $11,000.

Rare Ithaca Calendar clock, sold at auction for a client for $5,500

Sold for a client, a French enameled carriage clock for $1,100 at auction.

Vicenzo Irolli, Little Girl, painting sold for a Downsizing Advisory Service client at Hindman Auction in Chicago for $5,500.

Milton Avery, Florida Fantasy, painting sold at Freeman’s in Philadelphia for a Downsizing Advisory Service client for $40,000.